So it is the birthday of one Anderjak, who you guys should seriously check out, he’s super awesome and does some amazing thing with his art and knows how to work line weights like you wouldn’t believe! So I’ve drawn for him his character Leto because as soon as I saw the hair I was like “challenge accepted”. I was going to draw her in her cool jacket but then i was like why clothes when you can naked?! Anyway, Happy Birthday Zack!

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"Let’s gross out Morrigan!"

"You’re grossing ME out!"

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Just a follow up to that last post I made about Prescilla’s ears. Alistair gets it now. 

The slur “knife ears” could be based solely on the fact that elf ears resemble knives, or it could be that knives are dangerous, and so is what’s different, and humans don’t tend to react well to either. So maybe you try to remove that which is threatening…

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Alistair was pulling some random plant out of her hair and accidentally brushed her ear and didn’t know Prescilla has bad experiences with human men touching her ears. Like really bad.

Minus ten points of confidence now Alistair will go back to asking permission whenever he approaches her personal space. 

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Ariadne Mahariel is not feeling very tolerant today. 

a quick painty sketch thing for my precious friend Kheradihr. She’s seriously the best person and I love her!! Hope you like it Alyssa <3333 

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I wish I could draw like you

;m; so sweet of you to say that. Just keep practicing as much as you can! I improve in leaps and bounds when I draw more! ;o; Thank you so much though!!!

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Don’t piss off the elves. They get a little feral.

I thiiiiiiink Pheberoni mentioned quite a time ago about elves having prominent canines incisors l(ol i don’t know teeths) and I was 1000000% behind that idea so it is canon for me now ok. maybe i color dis 1 day.

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Reblog this if you take art commissions :U


lookin’ to buy some art

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Was sketching a bunch of Dragon Age cuties. I don’t know how Alistair looks in my head I draw him different each time. I don’t think I got Zevran right either but Sten turned out pretty cool! 



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It’s Always Sunny in Thedas

just a quick little comic about my hopes and dreams

(full size)

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Prescilla Tabris baby gurl. 

This was my first drawing of her 4 years ago. Right after I had played DA:O for the first time. I ditched the tattoos on a more recent playthrough as they just weren’t very Prescilla.

Improvement isn’t as far along as I’d hope, but progress is progress!

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"Do he got da booty?" 

"He most definitely do"

I think Tali and Shepard go on a little “surveillance” at the Presidium and just check out cuties and drink. 

TBH it was inspired by this amazing post, bc I know both these girls can appreciate a “juicy ass” turian.

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These are the evening dresses Aram might actually have handy rather than tight leather whatever dress that they put in the game… I mean Mass Effect (day to day) fashion on a whole isn’t the best, but PLZ NO to tight leather dress that is supposed to be considered her “formal wear”. NO THO.

Anyway, she likes flashy so she’d probably wear something similar to the first more than the other two, but I like giving her some options ya know?

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Which Dragon Age: Inquisition character should I attempt to draw? Tell meeeeeee!

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Ironbull requested Miranda in palette #6! Her face is so hard to get right! i didn’t capture the cuteness, but oh well. Also big boobs are hard to draw, so sorry to big boobs everywhere. 

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