Psst hey, multiple reblogs would have no effect (other than showing it to more people) since tumblr only displays the last reblog among the notification, but still count the note. So if you reblogged something 10 times, it would still get 10 notes, but only the last reblog would pop up in the notifications C:

aw dang that sucks. Good to know though!

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17 hours ago on 21 September 2014 @ 5:45pm

300 followers, gee oh gee! Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot to some, but for me I’m pleased as punch and ever so grateful for all the new follows as well as those of you that have stuck with me for the long haul! So to thank you, here’s my very first giveaway! 


1. One first prize winner will receive one bust painting of one character of their choosing, be it an original character, game character, or otherwise as long as references are provided. 

2. One second prize winner will receive a waist up, slightly shaded, colored sketch of one character of their choosing, be it original character, game character, or otherwise.

3. One third prize winner will receive a waist up black and white sketch of one character of their choosing with the option of original character, game character, or otherwise.


1. You must be following me to enter! While I welcome new followers, please don’t add just to win and then ditch me after you do. If you do I reserve the right to publicly mock you and let everyone know what a real stinker you are. 

2. Reblogs and likes both count, and you can reblog up to 2 times each day for an extra chance to win. 

3. I contact winners by ask boxes only! If yours is closed, I will draw again. 

4. You have 24 hours to respond if you win! If I don’t hear from you within that time frame, I’ll draw again for your spot. 

5. The giveaway ends at 11:59PM PST on September 30th, 2014. 

Thanks to all of you! I love you precious bbs!!!!

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thehearttheheadthefingers replied to your post: hey look it’s my birthday i’m official…

Happy birthday!


laurendouglascreative replied to your post: hey look it’s my birthday i’m official…

Happy birthday! Mine was on the 15th! Yay Virgos!

I know so many awesome virgos!!! Thanks, and happy belated to you as well!

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HAPPPPPPPA BURDIE!! you are an awesome person and i hope this year is kind and generous to you

Thank you very much Zack, u r a peach!!!

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hey look it’s my birthday i’m officially an old sack of poo!

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some process shots of my last painting of my new bb.

PS. I hit over my follower giveaway goal so keep your eyes open for the giveaway post really soon! probably in a couple days on my birthday! :)

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my inquisitor is going to kick everyone’s ass. 

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How to help out your favorite artists when you don’t have any money



I post something like this about once a year, because I get a lot of messages from people who enjoy my art but feel guilty about not buying things from my store or subscribing on Patreon or getting things from my wishlist, etc. You really don’t need to do ANY of those things to help us out! Eyeballs on artwork is what we want, and just that is really helpful. But there are lots of other, free things you can do, if you want to, that will help us.

  • You can reblog our work, with credit! Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, showing people next to you in class or at the library, whatever. The more you reblog our stuff, any kind of stuff, and especially if it has a name and/or link attached, the more followers we get, the happier we are, and the easier we can sell art and pay rent. This is such a vital part of our continued existence and it is difficult to overstate how grateful we are when it happens.

  • You can like, comment, subscribe on Youtube, reply on Twitter, and generally make our little numbers go up. Even if you don’t want a drawing on your blog, hitting “Like” helps. If people are browsing your liked posts (if you have this option available in your sidebar or in a separate page) they will see our work. Additionally, higher note counts translate instantly to “more worthy of being looked at” when parsed by an idle, browsing brain. That’s the price of being a member of a social species, and it stinks because it doesn’t reflect “quality” or “innate value” of art, whatever that is, but a post with 4 digit notes is going to get more positive regard than a post with a 2 digit notecount. And really, it makes sense. If lots of people like a thing, it is likely, if only statistically, that you will too. 

  • You can talk about your favorite artists to your friends. A lot of us idle on skype and irc all day, talking about new album releases and games and twitter beef. It doesn’t occur to a lot of us to talk about how so-and-so just did a cartoon of a fat bird that is making our day slightly better, but that URL pastes just as easily into the chat as any other. Don’t be annoying about it, but like Homeland Security always says, if you see something, say something!

  • You can look at/click the ads on our websites. You can disable AdBlock on our websites, too. I have two little Project Wonderful boxes at the top of my blog. They pay me very little per day, but when I need $20 to stop an overdraft fee or buy a food, Project Wonderful has my back. This has happened about a dozen times, enough to teach me the value of having that last, tiny bit of cash just slowly snowballing in the background.

There is probably other stuff that I’m forgetting, so please feel free to reblog and add them.

also personally I am nuts about getting comments on the site because people talking about the comic is the actual BEST

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oops i started designing a Qunari Inquisitor…>w>

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I feel like watching Gargoyles growing up really prepared me for that Shakarian OTP. Because hell if I wasn’t shipping Elisa and Goliath. THEIR LOVE WAS REAL AND DEEP, species difference be damned!

It was also preppin me for any possible Qunari/non-qunari hook ups in DAI. *u*

follow yur dreamz kidz. 

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Did my Warden and some Wardens from some inspiring ladies! Might do these as commissions at some point if there’s any interest! Prescilla is mine, Jeanne belongs to Hyperbali, Ariadne is Kheradihr’s, and Andy belongs to Pheberoni! Hope you guys like em! :)

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I’ve tried drawing Zevran several times and each time i fail at getting him to look how I want. Zevran you elusive bastard. Every time I can’t finish a pic I hear his battle laughter in my head and become outraged!

also 10 more followers till giveaway =w=

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Another random redo after looking through my tumblr for things to delete. Obviously my anatomy still needs help but these kinds of poses are the hardest for me without ref, and I can’t exactly ask anyone to pose in a sexually charged position for me to draw…right? ಠw

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i just wanted to clarify some things

artists know the risk they are taking when they post their art online. people are inevitably going to take it apart, color edit it, flip it around or otherwise post it uncredited.

saying that an artist shouldn’t post their work if they don’t want it bastardized is probably the stupidest stance on this subject you could take. if all artists followed this line of reasoning, there would be no art on the internet. 

when an artist posts their work, they are trusting you to enjoy it respectfully. and when you betray that trust either knowingly or unknowingly, it’s like saying the artist’s time, skills and thoughts aren’t worth anything.

you are NOT entitled to an artists work just because they decided to trust you enough to share it with you.

an artist is within their right to feel upset that someone has used their work in a way they never intended it to be used. they are within their right to ask for it to stop and not happen again.

just because it’s “bound to happen” doesn’t mean it’s any less deplorable.

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was reminiscing yesterday about how I missed making funny fan comics, and realized I never posted this one here. That last line was GENIUS i refuse to believe otherwise. shadow rogues forever bb!

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