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yes or well atleast the materials and colours of the outfits, i think! oh god i still don’t know what I wanna play as auhgusdh dwarf?? no, elf!..no, human!! everything

OMG I’m quite excited about that now OnO OH M GEEEE. ALSO, I think I’m dedicated to being a qunari on my first run. I already have the name and (maybe) tragic backstory worked out if it fits into the game storyline. =n= But then i’d probably play as an elf or dwarf. 

I def don’t know my class tho. I WANT to step out of my box and play as a mage, but I LOVE the physical combat and badassery of playing a rogue and mages just twirl their staff around. I don’t think they even get to beat anyone up ever ;o; and my qunari is the type that would beat people up, with or without magic. >n>

definitely bummed in general over Dragon Age’s lack of caring about rogues in their promos and such. They focus on warriors and mages but i haven’t seen ONE single ad or promo/trailer with a rogue and they are SO COOL. sigh. wow oops sorry about ranting that was unnecessary. lol

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me too!! and all the outfits I can make! and the mounts! ahhh

whoa i knew we could make weapons, but we can make OUTFITS? LIKE WHAT? WHAT. AAAH. this game is never going to end it is going to take a year to finish. I am going to be so anal about everything oh god. I want my Inquisitor to have the baddest assiest mount ever. she is big she deserves it

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am i the only one who is more than anything in Inquisition, excited for how BEAUTIFUL THE SCENERY is going to be?!!?!?!? I tear up sometimes when I see screenshots of the beautiful landscapes ;o; It’s going to be skyrim meets dragon age and I’m just flipping out and i just am going to take so long just staring at everything ever. dfjkasl 

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well i got that out of my system…. 

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since my hawke family comic is going around again…

i would like to apologize for making some of you sad and thank you guys for spreading it around and liking it despite it giving you ” all the feels” love you guys 5ever

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20, 25, 27 for Prescilla!

OuO Prescilla Tabris!!!! my first bb. UwU

20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them?

Well I don’t think you’re ever going to start off really healthy living in an alienage in filthy conditions, but she never had any very serious illnesses past infancy. Plus her father had a decent enough job that they were considered probably upper class poverty lol. Mostly she just has childhood injuries. She once had to have one of her ears reattached and broke a leg “falling” off a roof. Plus several other less serious injuries. 

25. How do they see themselves 5 years from today?

Well I’ll assume “today” is the end of Origins? Or maybe the end of Awakening? She’s Warden-Commander of Ferelden so I guess her main plans are to just fight for the Grey Wardens against darkspawn and deal with any politics as they come. She’d definitely like to meet up with some more senior Wardens and really talk about her options because she doesn’t quite understand how long she even has to live and what she’s supposed to do when she’s not fighting against a Blight. She’ll PROBABLY still be with Alistair? She’d definitely want to be with a Warden. Someone who has a time limit like her and understands her position. Honestly Alistair is too devoted to her for them not to make it through any hardships so mweeeh. Wardening it up with Alistair and maybe hanging with Zevran until he finds something better to do.

27. What is their biggest regret?

She was young, maybe 10-11 when her mother died, but she still regrets not being able to save her or avenge her in some way. Adaia died after killing those that struck her killing blows so she avenged herself I guess. Other than that, not being able to do more for her people. Her position in the Grey Wardens makes it near impossible to interfere with any politics that involve elves’ station in the world. She has to hope Shianni does a good job as Bann of the Alienage and be supportive but otherwise stay out of things. :(

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28, 14, 1 (captain's quarters??) for aram :>

Ah yay! Aram!!!

1. Bedroom (cap’n quarters): It’s organized chaos? It’s pretty structured and organized because military training but who has time to clean when you’re constantly taking steps to save the universe? She leaves stuff around but when she has time to notice she’s pretty anal about keeping things neat. Cleaning helps her focus and think and is also somewhat cathartic for her so when she really needs to figure something out she gives her room a good scrub.

14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.): well she has a ton of scars, mostly from Mindoir, and a few from the military. No long term illnesses, not sure how that would work in Alliance military anyway, she relatively healthy except for some PTSD from the colony attack on Mindoir. She’s also double jointed and has biotic abilities from eezo exposure and such. She gets seasonal allergies when in an atmosphere conducive to allergies.

28. Who do they see as their best friend? Their worst enemy?: She was pretty isolated after her family was killed so she didn’t exactly make many friends after that until the Normandy. She was really drawn to Liara in a weird fascination kind of way, but there was some tension to that relationship after she was brought back to life and it was never really the same. It’s really hard for her to pick a bff from all the wonderful friends she met through her Normandy crew. It restored her sense of family and she got overly attached to practically every member she invited into her life. Garrus sticks out as a favorite comrade in arms. He makes her laugh the most since Wrex is gone (ruling his planet and such). Miranda is more of her BFF in the traditional sense of the term. She makes her feel competitive, but not in a rivalry sense? Just like she makes Aram want to do her best all the time because Miranda is so practically perfect in every way. I don’t know about enemies. She hates The Illusive Man but he’s not her personal enemy, just a general threat to everyone and peace in general. I guess she doesn’t have enemies, just threats that need elimination? She comes across a lot of people she hates and removes them as threats but she never considered any of them her personal adversary? Although I guess if what the headlines say is true, Shepard is the greatest enemy of the Reapers. :>

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every morning…..if Prescilla can’t sleep, neither can Alistair

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2nd Place winner: Tainted-Knight

They requested their Warden Commander, Reinette Cousland. She was really fun to draw! Hope you like it! :) 

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So I drew Aram Shepard and her mom, then Prescilla Tabris and her mom, and I didn’t draw Hawke in this scenario because I realized it was because she never cried to her mother. Ever. She was a daddy’s girl and as soon as the twins were born, Logan was constantly at odds with Leandra. This was a likely scenario involving Hawke and Leandra and crying. (Logan often won the screaming matches.)

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I'd love to read about your Hawke C:

You do understand you’ve just opened the Pandora’s box right? RIGHT?

Well anyway, if anyone ever wants to ask me anything about my Hawke or Warden or any characters I love to blab on about my headcanons (who doesn’t?) so ask away *_*… I’ll put some stuff under a cut right now though.

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Many transformations of Hawke. 

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Third Place Winner: Cniska@tumblr

Their original character! I hope I got their horns right! I wasn’t exactly sure on the angle of them. Anyway, hope you like it! :O

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I’ve gotten responses from all the winners and will get to work on your prizes really soon! Thanks again to everyone who participated in the giveaway! I’ll try and do another one when I hit another “big” number! :)

And hopefully all that have added me since the giveaway started will stick around! I’m going to try and participate in Inktober this month (digital inking though because my traditional inking is poops), so going to try to update this thing daily for 31 whole days, AND do a halloween image. 

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Every drawing of yours is beautiful ヽ(;▽;)ノ Super happy I followed you~ Congrats on your b-day btw!

Thank you so much for saying so! And thank you for the birthday wishes as well! :)

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